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Troubleshooting Slack action errors

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Last tested: Jul 28, 2020

You may see one of the following error messages when setting up and testing the Slack action in the Action Hub:

Error: An error occurred for action looker-integration://1::slack_app. The action could not be executed.

There may be a temporary issue with Looker instance= Please try again in a few minutes.

Both of these are catch-all error messages, so they could indicate any of a number of different errors. Most likely the error is a 500, so you can find the error in the logs if your instance is self-hosted. If your instance is Looker-hosted, you can submit a request to and the Looker Support team can help investigate. Since 500 errors are considered bugs, you can file a bug for the specific error in the logs (not the catch-all error). The Looker Support team can help when filing the bug.


If you see an error like this, the error is coming directly from Slack. You can see what it means in the Slack API docs for the specific method being called.

Example: you find the following error in the logs: Slack::Web::Api::Errors::SlackError : account_inactive . In the stack trace, you find the call to the Slack API:


uri:classloader:/gems/slack-ruby-client-0.14.5/lib/slack/web/api/endpoints/chat.rb:140:in `chat_postEphemeral'


Since the call is to the chat_postEphemeral method, you go to this doc:, where you discover that the account_inactive error indicates that the authentication token is for a deleted user or workspace.


  • Looker::IntegrationProxyService::IntegrationProxyError : Failed to uninstalled the following integrations Failing due to cannot send request to proxy service. unexpected response
  • Java::JavaSql::SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: (conn=31235) Duplicate entry 'T46A81Y23' for key 'install_id'


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