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Troubleshooting Enabling Folders

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Last tested: Nov 27, 2019

If you want to enable folders for your Projects and have a large number of varying lookml files, take the following precautions before you get started.

  1. Have all developers check in all changes before anyone enables folders.
  2. Identify any files that are using NDTs and flag them as files that need the include statement to be updated.
  3. Identify any model files that have include statements. These will need to be translate to the new include syntax post-migration.
  4. Check to make sure that connections that do not have PDTs enabled do not have include: /../*.view as this can cause lookml errors.
  5. After checking the enable folders box in your project, make sure that no one else is make commits/pushes anywhere else in the project until you have deployed the new folder structure changes. This can blocks commits that prevents you from resolving merge conflicts.
  6. If you encounter the issue from #4, revert all uncommitted changes, pull, and push immediately. Fix any issues after deploying to production.


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