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There was a problem running the query

  • 6 April 2021
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Last Tested: Oct 8, 2019

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.29.21 AM.png

This is a super generic error so you'll need to do more digging. However, these questions should get you started in determining why this is happening.

  • if you haven't already done so, confirm where you are seeing this error. We've had it reported from Explore pages and Merged Results, but other cases could exist.
  • Are there any console errors in the developer panel in the browser?
  • Does the query fail with this message every time?
  • If you change the query does the error still show up?
  • If you open this same query in Sql Runner does it return results?
  • Find the query that failed with this message in the queries panel and click "details", what does it say there?

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