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There must be at least 750 MB of free space in the temp directory

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Last tested: Jul 29, 2020

Looker requires at least 10GB of free disk space and for reference, we provision 50GB root partitions for our EC2 legacy instances by default.

If possible, run df -h (which will display the summary of available and used disk space usage of file system). It should show the filesystems that marks off partition of their data. We should typically look for the directory /home because that is the directory where Looker is uploaded.

The output should look something like so:

/dev/mapper/vgsystem-lvhome 2.0G 1.8G 264M 88% /hom


This indicates that there is 264M free in the /home/ volume out of 2G. This means everything in the Looker user’s home directory (and any sub-directories from there, like the Looker one) only has 2 gigs to work with, which is not very much, so you will need to upsize in order to be able to run Looker.


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