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Startup flags for scheduling

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Last tested: Jul 1, 2019

Startup Option Description Default Value
--scheduler-start-delay=<i> Delay task runner startup (seconds) 60
--scheduler-threads=<i> Number of simultaneous scheduled tasks 10
--alerts-scheduler-threads=<i> Number of simultaneous scheduled alerts 3
--unlimited-scheduler-threads=<i> Number of simultaneous unlimited scheduled tasks 3
--default-mailer-port=<i> Port over which to send mail when using default mailer 587
--max-unstreamed-limit=<i> Elevates the number of rows allowed for download without streaming 100000
--concurrent-render-jobs=<i> Number of simultaneous PhantomJS or Chromium rendering processes 2
--scheduler-query-limit=<i> Limits number of concurrent scheduled queries 10
--scheduler-query-timeout=<i> Length of scheduler timeout to wait for connection 1200
-q, --queue-broker-port=<i> Port for queue broker (used for inter-node communication in clustered environments 61616
--use-maestro Use Maestro for job orchestration Restricted Usage. Connections can use per-user credentials disabled
--staging Run server as staging (if staging is enabled, the Looker instance will not deliver to external destinations) disabled
--staging-override-email=<s> Send emails on a staging instance to this address instead of their normal destination <empty>


Read more about them on our Looker Startup Options Documentation.


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