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Startup failed. Unable to load java dependencies.

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Last tested: Sep 21, 2020

A self-hosted user may run into this error upon restarting/updating your instance.

If the error is prepended by WARN: there must be at least 750MB of free space in the temp directory, then you probably don't have enough free space. Go and run df -h as the Looker user to see where you may need to free up space.

If the error doesn't have that associated free space warning, here are some things to have checked:

  1. Do you have the appropriate java version (java -version)
  2. Do you have downloaded both jar files (core and dependencies) following the exact instructions (public-facing in docs)
  3. Both jars are in the same directory (they should be)
  4. The shell script is being run from that same directory (it should be)
  5. Check for any typos


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