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Show or hide value labels on a specific series

  • 6 April 2021
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Last tested: Mar 31, 2021


There isn’t a native option in the visualization edit panel to toggle value labels on/off for individual series, but please leave feedback for the Looker product team! After authenticating into the feedback portal, you can click here for the open request!
Two other options you can use below:

Solution 1

You can use the "Value Colors" input field to manipulate the coloring of each series by entering color codes or names and comma separating to target series in the order they appear from left to right. If you define the color as "transparent" it will hide the value label for the series! Caveat: "transparent" is only transparent to the underlying graphic, it overlaps with other value labels as "white." If you have overlapping value labels, make sure the series you want with "transparent" value labels is listed last.


Solution 2

Another workaround we can implement is to use the Excel-style formatting in the value format section. For example, if we write


This will show the label if its above >0.05 and hide if below 0.05.

Two websites where you can test Excel style formatting are

But Wait, There's More!

If we are trying to show only certain points in a line on a bar chart, we can do some hacky things - like setting the default value of null to a value beneath the base y-axis value (-1, for instance, for the default y-axis). This can remove null value points that we can't otherwise get rid of by using the YesNo/Hide No's from Vis trick, since that hides the entire row where a value is null.


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5 replies

Thank you for this tip!

So, i’ve tried here and it’s working for me. I can change colors, but I can’t select the specific series for that. I have 2, one in columns and other in lines. I wanted to show only the labels in the lines.

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Hi @sergio_pestanaWarren ! 

I think we can use “Solution 1” for this. In my example, I have a column and a line. To only show values for the line, I enter the “Value Colors” as “blue, transparent”. Since my column is the second series, this makes the value labels on the column invisible, while keeping the value labels on for the line. 



Does this work for you?

It worked! 😃 I didn’t put the commas 

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Just a note. Using transparent will not fix the overlap between the labels. Like in this example:

Since the gold line chart’s labels are transparent, they’re still technically there and used for calculating whether the other labels can be shown because there’s no way to select priority.

Solution 1 worked for me! But I would definitely be interested in seeing this added as a native feature.


I tried to use the hyperlink in the original post but I don’t have a pendo account to officially request the feature.