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Setup Git Connection with Google Cloud Source Repositories

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested: Mar 30, 2020

  1. Go the Configure Git settings in your Looker Instance
  2. For Repository URL put in the URL of the repository you want to use starting with ssh://...
    You can generate this by clicking Clone and selecting SSH Authentication in your Cloud Source RepositoriesMake sure to cut off the 'git clone ' bit from the link. It should have a format like the below
  3.  For Git Hosting Service select 'Custom Git Configuration' and click continue
  4. Copy the SSH key that Looker generates in the next screen for you. 
  5. In Cloud Source Repositories open the Manage SSH Keys page, click Register SSH key. Here you give the key a unique name and paste the key value from Looker and click Register.
  6. Once the key is registered you go back to your Looker instance and click Test and Finalize Setup.


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