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Set password manually for a user

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Last tested: Nov 12, 2020

  1. Go to Admin > Users > Add Users
  2. Enter the users email address and/or username if no email address is available. Finish the rest of the setup to create this user.
  3. Go back to Admin > Users > click "Edit" next to the user that you just created
  4. Select "Send rest link" next to Password. You will see a link appear. Copy this link.
  5. Go to an *incognito* browser page and paste the password reset link.
  6. Edit/Confirm the password.

If the user has already been created and we're skipping to step 3 as our first step, make sure that the user was NOT set up via Google Auth, SAML, LDAP, etc. (If so, any management of passwords will have to be done in those external providers, not in Looker. See Why is there no Password Reset/Edit button for a user? for more details.)



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