Selected articles about LookML

  • 27 May 2021
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Selected articles about LookML
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Selected articles about LookML


We have gathered some selected community and help center articles and organised them in different topics. Hope this makes it easier for you to search and navigate.



Why do we recommend many_to_one joins over one_to_many joins?

How to add a new row of data with LookML

Advanced LookML - Hub and Spoke modeling

Nested Data in BigQuery (Repeated Records)


Cohort Analysis and Retention Analysis

Advanced LookML - Cohort and Retention Analysis

Creating Dynamic Tiers

Calculating Cohort Size for Cohorting

[Analytic Block] - Cohorts as Filters using Templated Filters

[Analytic Block] Daily, Weekly, Monthly Active Users

Combining multiple transactions into a single event table

[Analytic Block] - Customer Lifetime Value - Simple Approach

Set up Flexible Retention Analysis without Derived Tables

[Analytics Block] Customer Retention and Lifetime Value - Survival Style

[Analytic Block] Retention Analysis


Period Over Period Analysis 

Methods for Period Over Period (PoP) Analysis in Looker

[Analytic Block] Dynamic Previous Period Analysis using date_start, date_end

[Analytical Block] Yet another Period over Period modeling block (2 parameters + 2 dimensions only)

[Analytic Block] Flexible Period-over-Period Analysis

How to create a relative timeframe from column data and do a YoY comparison with it

Period-Over-Period (POP) Analysis for Dashboard Filters

Dynamic Date Filter Comparisons

Arbitrary Period Comparisons

Use Refinements to add Period over Period functionality to existing explores


Custom Visual Drilling

How to get visualization configurations for custom drilling

More powerful data drilling


Derived Table

Define a view to create a separate PDT that gets generated each day with a title like “pdt_20190219”

[Analytic Block] - Pivot by Top X - Introducing bind_all_filters: yes

Advanced LookML - Intro Aggregate Awareness


Extends and Refinement

Organizing your LookML into layers with our new refinement syntax

Advanced Extends Use Case Troubleshooting

Extending Explores to a Different Model

Using {{_explore._name}} to extend Explores using the from parameter



How can I use more than one dimension in suggest_dimension?

Cannot use non-literal string filter for parameter field

How do I make OR filters when using Filters on Measures?


Custom Visualizations in LookML 

Custom Visualizations in LookML


Liquid use cases

Can you do nested if in liquid?

Variable not found “parameter”

Dynamic Measures with Parameters

Aggregate Awareness using _in_query

Dynamic Timeframes for Dimension Groups

Dynamically Select Fields Using Parameters

Interesting Ways to Use Liquid in Labels

Using Liquid Variables in Aggregate Measures

Displaying Values From Other Fields in the Tooltip

Masking Sensitive Fields for Certain Users

Using Liquid to check if any field is used for filtering

Dynamic Dates with Liquid

How to use liquid date formatting with a dynamic timeframe field

User Custom Tiers with Parameters

Liquid workaround for creating OR logic in front end filters

Conditional formatting of color or images within table cells using html

Create a Dynamic Dashboard Image with Liquid HTML

Advanced LookML - Liquid Use Cases

Dynamic Joins - How to use liquid to dynamically adjust sql_on conditions

Using Liquid Split and Array Filters to Format Lists

Dynamically Query Tables Using Parameters

Filtering a View Using a Field from Another View without Joining Views

How To: Smart Partition Key Filtering with Liquid

How can I dynamically change my dimension timeframe based on the dates being filtered?

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