Selected articles about Looker API & SDK use cases

  • 1 June 2021
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Selected articles about Looker API & SDK use cases
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We have gathered a list of community and help center articles covering some major API & SDK use cases. We hope this makes it easier for you to browse and navigate. The code examples are for demo purposes only. For any further questions on those use cases please post a comment under those articles directly.



I Mastered Looker’s Interactive API Docs. What Now?

Introducing the API Explorer: Interactive documentation for the Looker API & SDKs

Default API port on GCP and Azure (why can’t I connect to the API for instances hosted on Kubernetes)

Quickstart: Looker API Ruby SDK

Why is my API call returning a 403 Forbidden error?

Easily loading JSON to a dataframe

Postman & Looker (1)

Postman & Looker (2)

Is there a limit to the number of API requests you can send at one time?

Migration from API 3.0 to 3.1: Change Log & Notes


Data export and Delivery

Run Looks from Google Spreadsheetes Using Looker API

Creating a Data Dictionary Using Looker’s API

Generating a Data Dictionary in Google Sheets

How to export in FTP

Download ‘All Results’ from a dashboard

Using the Looker API to Generate PDFs

Generating a PowerPoint presentation from all Looks in a Space

Looker Google Sheets Import (2021)



Bulk Update or Reassign Schedules

Using Looker API to Create a Unique Schedule Plan from Every Distinct Dimension Value

How to migrate or copy schedules of Looks and Dashboards using API

Create Conditional Schedules Using Looker’s API/SDK

As an Admin, can I edit or change other user’s schedule emails?

Email automation

Rerun failed scheduled jobs



Creating Users and Sending Custom Welcome Emails via API

Automatically Provisioning Users with the Looker API

Get Setup URLs for New Users in Python

Customization of the user session expiry time via the API



Gazer - A Command Line Tool for Looker Content Management

How to overwrite content with Gazer

Henry - A Command Line Tool for Looker Instance Cleanup

Introducing μAdmin for Looker

Finding Unused Fields



Enabling the Alternate Login Option


Content Access

Manage Space Access with the API


Dashboards & Looks

Changing the Model or Explore of a Look

How to Bulk Convert Looks to Lookless Dashboard Tiles (Using the Looker API)



Embed SDK vs. the create_sso_embed url endpoint



Using API to Configure Your Project’s Git Connection



Localizing Looker with the Looker API and Google Translate API



Merge result API

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