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Scheduler Error: Job is no longer processing @ execute

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested: Jul 27, 2020

If you run into this error, first check this Help Center article:

If the scheduled job fails with this error immediately or fairly quickly and hasn't been enqueued for a long time, then you can follow the steps below if your Looker instance is self-hosted and you have access to the logs.

In the logs you should see something like this:

2020-07-27 06:27:56.178 +0000 [WARN|a5236|scheduler] :: Custodian: ScheduledJobStage [354428|123853] was not processing - finalizing this job with an error


Try grepping for those two id's, do you see the typical render job error message (`Error occurred while generating this dashboard - contact administrator (error: Render job XXX failed [query failed: Invalid filter: X]) in a thread pointing to one of those id's ?

It is likely that the initial error message is a cover up for what is actually the issue. If you don't see the typical render job error message immediately, try scheduling out the content a few more times and the error message should change (all things considered) to what we'd expect.


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