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Render error: RendererAuthenticationHTTPException or LOGIN_HTTP_ERROR

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested: Mar 27, 2020

For this error type, the RendererAuthenticationHTTPException error will appear in the schedule history or the PDF/PNG download page and LOGIN_HTTP_ERROR will appear in the logs.


When rendering with Chromium, Chromium will first check that the Looker instance is available by navigating to /alive. Then, it will login as the Looker user rendering the content with a one-time login token at /login/ephemeral and then load the dashboard or look to be rendered.

This error means that when logging in as the Looker user at /login/ephemeral the page did not redirect to a page with a 200 response. In other words, something went wrong when trying to log the user in.


A couple things to check:

  • What page is the user redirected to if they login for the first time? Is that page valid? Broken homepages or default spaces/boards that return a 404 will cause this error.
  • Are there errors in the JS console on any/all pages for that user, including the homepage?


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