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Remote dependency error: `Problem cloning remote dependency: Unable to reach repository at {url}. The URL may be incorrect or you have not configured credentials. Check your manifest`

  • 15 June 2021
  • 2 replies

Last tested: Jan 25, 2021

If a user is running into this error message while trying to update dependencies, check whether the import credentials are valid.

To do that, open up the Import Credentials page under Project Settings.

Running this test should provide a descriptive reason on why the error message is being thrown. If the READ_ACCESS test fails, re-configure the Git connection to the repo.

Authorize the provided SSH public key in the project repository’s host by adding it as a deploy key. Write access is not required.


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2 replies

Hello, the SSH key box pops up for me to copy, but the SSH key itself is blank. Any ideas?

Hey @akuelker, that sounds like unexpected behavior. I recommend reaching out to our support team and filing this with them. When reaching out, reference “SSH key does not show up when Configure Git Remote Dependency” and they should be able to route it to the correct issue.