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Referencing quarter with parameter after casting quarter into a string

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Last tested: Aug 31, 2020

Users typically like to follow this article where they are required to cast the CASE WHEN into the same datatype due to their SQL dialect.

When we cast quarter into a type varchar, we'll get 2016-01 returned instead of 2016-Q1. How do we get around this problem?


To do this, we can use the HTML parameter and leverage rendered_value to show the value as is on the front-end. For example:

dimension: dynamic_receive_timeframe {

type: string



WHEN {% parameter dynamic_receive_time %} = 'Quarter' THEN CAST(${order_items.returned_quarter} as char)

END ;;

html: {% if dynamic_receive_time._parameter_value == "'Quarter'" %}

{{ returned_quarter._rendered_value }}

{% endif %};;



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