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Perform Merge on already existing explores (query IDs)

  • 6 April 2021
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Last Tested: Feb 7, 2020


Sometimes, we have a few explores already created and then realize that we want to merge them together. Thankfully, we can follow this hack and get the merge results quickly, without having to recreate the explores in the merge modal.


The below URL is the form you want.


  1. Replace [LOOKER_HOSTNAME] with your base Looker URL, such as
  2. Replace [QID1] with the first query you'd like to merge on.
  3. Replace [QID2] with the second query you'd like to merge on.

Got More Queries?

To add additional queries to the merge, continue the pattern. That is, add &qids%5B%5D=[QIDX] to the end of the URL.

The Automated Solution

So now we know that we can make a merged result by piecing together the merge URL manually using individual query IDs. But, is there a faster way to do this?

Yes! We can use @izzy’s Merge Monster: Merge Monster is a tool that lets you save a bit of time by parsing the full explore URLs for each source query, and then generating a URL for the merged result. Note that this is a third-party tool (although it was made by a Looker) and it is not officially supported.

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