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PDT Troubleshooting and use of "Rebuild Derived Tables & Run"

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested: Jul 12, 2017

You might get often faced with questions like:

  • Why is my PDT data wrong? Stale?
  • Why is my PDT data not rebuilding?
  • How can I force a rebuild?

It can be tempting to simply use the option to Rebuilding Derived Tables & Run and manually force a rebuild. But, while that may solve your issue, using this option can have larger implications and impact your instance performance.

Below are an "Order of Operations" for troubleshooting PDTs. These options may point to an underlying error or reason for the stale PDT data without the need to manually override and rebuild.

  • Check the PDT Panel in Admin
    -- Are there any listed errors or warnings indicating a failed PDT build?
    -- Are there any warnings that the database connection failed?
    -- Any issues with accessing the temp table/scratch schema?

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 00.16.03.png

  • Review any relation between the PDTs and your ETL
    -- If there is still an issue or discrepancy with your data, then the issue may be tied to PDTs and yours ETL and that can attribute to the 'staleness' of the data.
    -- For Example: an order may not show up for Today because that order hasn't been included in the most recent ETL run.
    -- You could have just missed timed it by a couple of hours and you may only run the ETL once a day. So expected Today orders possible wont show up until tomorrow.
  • Check if you have consulted with you DBA
    -- Perhaps your DBA has insight into what data is expected to show up.
    -- Your DBA may know if there is an ETL failure or sync issue.
    -- It is also a recommended approach to reach out to your DBA before going to chat.
  • Try the option to Rebuild Dervied Tables and Run
    -- Important: When going for this option, be aware of the implications, this could impact your instance performance.
    -- Important: Ask yourself, should you even be selecting this option. Are you an Admin? Technical Contact? If not, it may be better to check with your internal admin.
    -- Support will not run this option for you: We offer the suggestion and how to, but leave the action up to you.


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