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Last tested: Mar 15, 2019

The default PDF resolution for looks is 800x600px.

The default resolution for dashboards is a width of 1680px - height will be adjusted accordingly. the width of the dashboard is locked at 1680 for a dashboard.

NOTE: For old PhantomJS rendering, the figure is actually 1280px. The height is set to 1 but the render script that is ran in phantomjs sets the height of the image taken, and cuts off the image if it would go beyond a page break in a pdf file.

These are both configurable using API render task endpoints.

Note that tables with many columns may get cut off in the "tiled" dashboard pdf format. In this case, the "single tile" format is usually preferable, as the tile will get scaled to a width of 1680, though there is still a limit (somewhere around 20 columns it will get cut off).


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