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Pass an external value to an embed URL as a filter

  • 28 June 2021
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Last tested: Jul 17, 2020

Say you have a php script which is storing the value when a user visits your website. You have embedded content on this page, and would like to pass that value into a filter on the dashboard.

Here you could have 2 options:

Javascript events

Your could explore .js events, and make changes to the frames filters via 


Your could pass the value directly into the embed_url param when you generate the SSO script - in the embed url param you can pass filters the same way you would in the url: Where should the embed_domain parameter be defined when SSO embedding?

embed_url: "/embed/look/3?embed_domain=http://localhost:8081&filter1=value1&filter2=value2"

To expound, you could variabilize the value and just build the URL by passing the variable to the filter value


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1 reply

Ah so to clarify here, when working with localhost, in order for the events to fire on window, the embed domain must specify the port as well as localhost. Good to know!