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Network Latency across countries

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Last tested: Dec 28, 2020

Question: I'm in a different country (or part of the country) than my Looker server, will I suffer from network latency?

Answer: Not really. Network latency should add no more than 1s, and that's the worst case scenario where you're on the opposite side of the world from your Looker server.

Show me the data: Here are load times for the license server status from various parts of the world. The license server is in Virginia. The worst is Sydney at about 1 second. Tokyo is next at 760ms. San Francisco is about 300, Dublin 360, Sau Paulo 650.


I want to move my Looker instance to another country! Sure! Send in a request to with the request and someone from Looker support will contact you. Note that your URL will probably change (for example, all Dublin-hosted Looker instances have eu in the URL).


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