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Net::SFTP::StatusException (3, "permission denied") error

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Last tested: Dec 1, 2020

When you see the error Net::SFTP::StatusException (3, "permission denied") when setting up a sftp schedule it's usually caused by one of four things:

  1. A missing trailing slash at the end of the sftp connect url. This URL, for instance will not work:
    It will error with permission denied because sftp is trying to open a directory for writing. Adding a trailing slash opens a file for writing iside the target directory, which is what we want. So you should write:


  1. The sftp user does not have write permissions to the destination directory. Test by creating a small text file in your local directory. Use command line sftp to connect to the destination server, e.g. sftp Once logged in try put filename. Type ls to verify that the file was transferred. If this errors or does not results in a file on the destination the sftp user doesn't have write permission.
  2. The destination directory does not exist. If the absolute path points to a directory that doesn't exist or isn't the true working directory for that user you will receive a permission denied error.
  3. Per this documentation page, looker's IPs should be allow-listed for Looker hosted instances.
  4. The user hasn't specified the path to where they want the file to go, correctly.
    1. SFTP into your server. sftp
    2. Fo to the directory of where you want to drop your files, and do pwd .
    3. Make sure this file path, ex, /Home/test_folder/ is the exact path you're using in your schedule modal file path.


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