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If a LookML dashboard uses explores from two or more models, do you need to include that dashboard in all of those models?

  • 6 April 2021
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Last Tested: Jul 16, 2020


No, you do not - a LookML dashboard only needs to be included in a single model to be viewable.

Note, however, that the dashboard filters of a LookML do not have a way of denoting model. In other words, if Model A is the model including your LookML Dashboard, all dashboard filters of type: field_filter must reference fields that are in Model A.


  1. Change the filter type to not be field_filter (for example to type Date, Number, or String). Note that with this option, filter suggestions will not populate because filter suggestions require filter to be type: field.
  2. Get rid of all dashboard filters that reference the model you are not including the dashboard on.


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