I'm trying to deploy the code using Webhooks, but I receive a 404 error.

  • 29 October 2022
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I’m Noura TSE at Google. Have you ever get this page after trying to deploy lookML code to production? 

404 Not Found

You’ll get this error if you try to deploy via a webhook for the first time. The trick here is to deploy code manually via the Looker UI first. 


If you are stuck with this error follow this.


How to:

Go to Deployment Manager tab and select a commit to deploy

Click on “Select Commit”

You can choose to deploy the commit with or without tag. 

A manual deployment will look like this


Once you complete this, you will be able to deploy via the webhooks

You can try to deploy via the browser of via command line on a terminal

https://[Url instance name]/webhooks/projects/[project_name]/deploy


curl -i -H "X-Looker-Deploy-Secret:<Secret>" https://[url instance name]/webhooks/projects/[project_name]/deploy



Hope this is helpful!



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