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How to use access filters in derived tables

  • 8 July 2021
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Last tested: Oct 31, 2019


How do I use access filters inside the SQL of a derived table?

An Answer

All that access filters do is apply a user attribute value to a field as a condition. So, basically, just write a WHERE condition in the derived table, calling the user attribute via Liquid.


If you have an access filter like so:


access_filter: {

field: department

user_attribute: dept



and derived table SQL like so:

sql: SELECT * FROM table ;;


then you can simply add a WHERE to the derived table SQL like so:

sql: SELECT * FROM table WHERE department = {{ _user_attributes['dept'] }} ;;




Please note that the PDT Regenerator has no user attribute values, so it will input a blank for {{ _user_attributes['dept'] }} in the above example. For this reason, a derived table which references user attributes via Liquid should not be a PDT.


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