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How to unlink OAuth from the Google Drive action in Action Hub

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Last tested: Apr 8, 2020



I've hooked my Google Drive to Looker via OAuth as documented here to be able to send data (explores, looks, dashboards, etc.) directly to my google drive., but how do I unlink it if I want to send to another account?


  1. On Google-side go to
  2. In the Third-party apps with account access section hit "Remove" for the Looker App integration
  3. Within Looker we should be prompted to login again via Action and our prior OAuth account is unlinked

    Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 9.17.39 AM.png


Typically with Action Hub integrations, we can enable the feature within Looker, but won't have the ability to update integration accounts or anything authentication related since Looker doesn't keep those credentials. Often times to unlink Action Hub integrations, we'll need to go on the 3rd party application-side and find integrated apps to unlink rather than within Looker.


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