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How to test if Fileshare (NFS/EFS/GFS) is correctly mounted and accessible from all nodes in the cluster

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Last tested: Apr 3, 2020

  1. run ps -ef|grep java|grep looker from CL on each node. Verify that --shared-storage-dir path is the same on each node.
  2. Test the ability for nodes to write and other nodes to read from the shared storage using path found in step 1. You can do this by creating a file from node1 with touch /mount_path/file.txt

    For example, if the path to the shared storage directory from step 1 is /lookershare/modelshare , then command will be touch /lookershare/modelshare/file.txt

    Once you have created a file from node1, try to see in node2 & all other nodes in the cluster can read it with ls -ltr /mount_path/file.txt
  3. Loop through all nodes in the cluster


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