How to Make a Weighted Average

  • 22 June 2022
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The Problem

We want to make a weighted average.

The Solution

In this example, we want to create a very basic customer health comparison by taking the average of each customer's order prices and weighting them by how recently each order was placed.

First, we give each order a numerical weight, giving a higher weight to more recent orders:

dimension: weight {
type: number
WHEN ${days_since_order} < 30 THEN 3
WHEN ${days_since_order} < 60 THEN 2
END ;;

From here, we can calculate a weighted price by multiplying the weight by the price, and finally creating the weighted average of this weighted price:

dimension: weighted_price {
type: number
sql: ${sale_price} * ${weight} ;;

measure: weighted_average {
type: number
sql: sum(${weighted_price})/sum(${weight}) ;;

The result is a weighted average, which focuses on recent orders:


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