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How to list deleted looks via the API?

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested: Oct 7, 2019

You can use the search_looks endpoint to find Looks which have been deleted as long as the trash has not been emptied. This can be done by supplying a deleted = true parameter to the endpoint. The deleted parameter is documented starting with Looker 6.16.

If a look is deleted using the delete_look API, the data is gone. No way to resurrect the look. If a look is deleted via the Looker UI, then the data is actually hidden, or "soft deleted", until an admin purges the trash.

Starting with Looker 6.16, all_looks no longer includes soft-deleted looks in its results. This matches the all_dashboards behavior. Use search_looks with deleted = true to list soft-deleted looks.

Prior to Looker 6.16, you can use the all_looks endpoint to list all Looks your user can access and then filter on deleted == true to select just the looks that have been soft-deleted. This is a lot less eficient, so try to use the fields parameter to return just the id and the deleted field, so as to limit the size of the data returned.


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