How to hide the field label on a pie chart or customize the measure label.

  • 16 August 2021
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Hi all, 

A few customers have used the pie chart visualization and wanted to remove the measure label from the Tool Tip or hover state. There is no direct way to do this right now, but we can use a table calculation and a blank space character to hide the label from the visualization. 


In our example below, we have count of users by state. If we hover over a piece of the pie chart we see the state with the measure label and the value below. E.G California 2,348 users. For some visualizations we want to hide the work users from the tool top. We can create a new table calculation and just reference the same measure that is used in the original query. 


Then, in the Name field of the table calculation we paste a blank space character into this field to have it appear as blank. You can copy a blank space from a few places off the web, but I  use this website. I just copy the space to my clipboard and paste it into the name field. Then, we save the table calculation and hide the original measure from the visualization. 



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