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How to display a filter value

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested: Jun 17, 2020

The Request

We want to display what value(s) a user chose in a filter field, either a field of type filter, or an explore field that is being filtered.

A Solution

Use liquid in the html with _filters !

The liquid for the _filters['view_name.field_name'] can't be used in sql but it can be used in html

Here is a working example!

dimension: show_my_dimension_filter {

html: {% if _filters['category'] IS NOT "NULL" %} {{_filters['category']}}

{% else %} no filter value {% endif %};;

sql: 'this does nothing' ;;


To link the dashboard filter, link it to the field category


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1 reply


Can the solution above (using html and liquid _filter) work if you want to export the output to csv or excel ?

I tried the solution it shows the filter values on Looks or Explore in Looker. However, when I export the column shows ‘ this does nothing'