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How often are datagroup triggers checked?

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Last tested: Jan 25, 2021

The frequency of datagroup triggers is determined by two things:
1. The PDT & Datagroup Maintenance setting in the connection setting.
2. The duration of the regenerator cycle.

Datagroup trigger checks happen at the beginning of the regenerator cycle. They are a part of the regenerator cycle. This means that if the regenerator is currently running, then the next datagroup trigger check will happen at the beginning of the next regenerator cycle. If the regenerator cycle takes a while to complete, then datagroup triggers may not be checked as frequently as the PDT & Datagroup Maintenance setting dictates.

Datagroup triggers are checked at most as frequently as specified in the PDT & Datagroup Maintenance setting. If the regenerator is currently running, datagroup triggers will not be checked until the current regenerator cycle has completed. This is outlined in our 'Troubleshooting PDT Regeneration' help article here.


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