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How does the persistent session feature work?

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Last Tested: Jan 21, 2019


Disabling the persistent session feature will remove the checkbox that allows users to keep their login active for 30 days ("Remember me for 30 days" checkbox).

Users will be logged out after 30 minutes or when their browser window closes without this feature.

If the feature is switched off and was on before, then persistent sessions will end the next time the user uses that session and closes the browser.

If the feature is switched on and was off before, then any user with an active session will have their session 'promoted' to a persistent one the next time they do anything in Looker, and subsequent user logins will be persistent.

If the feature is off, anyone who is logged out while developing unsaved LookML will be greeted with a prompt to restore unsaved changes from a previous session when they navigate back to the LookML they were working on.



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