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How does "Clear Cache and Refresh" work, what if I close the browser?

  • 7 May 2021
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Last tested: Jan 21, 2019


Looker only replaces the existing cache key when the query is complete; it does *not* begin processing a “Clear Cache and Refresh” request by actually clearing the cache, just passes a flag to not use what’s already in the cache. When the query completes, the result is placed in the cache, but if the query is killed or fails (like if you close the browser), the old cache entry remains in the cache.



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1 reply


I’ve noticed following behavioir.

I have a report I run on a daily basis to check is data is loaded in our DWH.

Often the Looker cache is not update so I go into the dashboard and execute a refresh and clear cache command.

Still the most recent data does not appear. When I clear the cache of my browser then the recent figures appear. So I was wondering how can we set-up Looker or any other setting to make sure also browser cache is update after a refresh in Looker ?