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How does caching work for downloads?

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested: Jun 11, 2019

Results in Table

When downloading the same number of rows as the Explore the download query will run against the Explore cache until the cached results are invalidated.

All Results/Custom

When downloading a different number of rows than are returned in the Explore the SQL query is changed, so the download will run against the database.

What about subsequent downloads?

This is still unclear. Most testing seems to suggest that download queries are not stored in cache, however there have been user reports of stale data being returned in downloads with the same row limit as previous exports so the answer to this may be circumstantial.


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1 reply

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I just stumbled upon this. Downloaded a PDF of some dashboards. Then I changed some udnerlying data, dashboard shows most up-to-date data, but the PDF still generates the old. How to force it?