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How do you use refinements to change a view in only one explore in a model?

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested: Jan 19, 2021

Use the ordering of refinements, as mentioned in this article

Logical example:

Model file includes view file for view: a
and has
explore: b
join: a

view: +a
dimension: newfield

explore c
join: a

Only explore c should include the newfield dimension.


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1 reply

This feature doesn’t seem to work for overridden fields (sql_table_name in my case).

Do you know of any work around this ?


view a: { sql_table_name: table_1;;}

explore c: { join a;}

view +a : { sql_table_name: table_2;;}

explore d: { join a;}

=> In both explore c and d, the view a will have table_2 as SQL source.