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How do I stop/pause all of my scheduled jobs on my instance? is this possible?

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Last tested: Nov 20, 2019

We are currently not able to do this via the UI. This is a feature request you can vote for: Pause schedule plans.


Workaround 1: Change startup flags and restart

If you host your own instance, you can do this using startup flags on an instance. For example, for

--scheduler-threads=<i> Number of simultaneous scheduled tasks (default: 3)


You can set scheduler-threads=0 to stop any and all future schedules from being triggered and sent out.

Note: that this change requires an instance restart in order to take effect.

Once you are all set with your changes and want to have the schedule jobs running again, you can set the `scheduler-threads` startup flag back to the default (3).

Workaround 2: Incorrect SMTP settings

If you can’t or don't want to restart, another possible workaround is to edit the SMTP settings in the Admin > Platform > SMTP panel. If you change them to something incorrect, then the schedules will fail to send.

smtp settings.png

You can find few more options on this article.


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