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How do I render a local image in Looker?

  • 5 April 2021
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Last tested: March 2021


Looker expects a public URL for your image. So make sure that wherever you store it is publicly accessible. Then, you can call it in LookML like so:

view: view_name { dimension: field_name { html: <img src=”” /> ;; }}

This help center article goes more in depth on the modeling.

It's not possible to use a local image on your computer, or on the Looker server. It is also not possible to use non-public URLs, as Looker will have no way to authenticate.


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2 replies

Hi guys, i wanted to know if it was still impossible to use a local image ?

I’m currently using images host on my server, but whenever i try to export dashboard containing those images, it export with no images.

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@Irvin That’s correct. It’s not possible to use a local image - either on your own server or on the Looker server.  You’ve gotta use a URL.


If you can access Looker’s product feedback system, then you can upvote this feature request and leave more details with your use case!