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How do I make a Look/Dashboard full screen and remove the Looker banner? (Presentation and Embed mode)

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested: Feb 24, 2021

You can add /presentation/ or /embed/ in the URL of an explore, Look or dashboard. Both will make the content full screen and remove the top navigation bar. For dashboards next, you can add a parameter, print_mode=true to the URL. (/dashboards-next/1234?print_mode=true)

There are subtle differences between the two, but it's most important to note that /embed/ will show exactly the way that embed users will see the content.


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1 reply

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Note that `/presentation/` for legacy dashboards and `print_mode=true` for dashboards-next are also ways to display the renderer view of a dashboard—that is, the way the dashboard should appear in downloaded or scheduled PDFs.