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How do I give an account alternate login credentials?

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Last tested: Sep 17, 2020

Assume you have an account which has only ever authenticated via LDAP, SAML, or Google Auth. In order to give it email credentials, so that you can utilise Alternate Login, you'll need to follow these steps:

1. Make sure that the account has either the Admin role or has a role that has the "login_special_email" permission.

2. Log into the API with an Admin account.

3. Use the "create_user_credentials_email" endpoint by giving it the ID of the account (the one you'd like to give an alternate login) and the email in the body:


{ "email": "" }


4. Now, go back to your Users tab in your Admin section and find the account you'd like to give an alternate login. Click on "Edit". From there, click on the "Send reset link" button.

5. Copy the reset link, and make sure you open it in incognito (this prevents your regular credentials from carrying over). Clicking on that link will prompt you to set a First Name and Last Name (which don't really matter), and a New Password. After giving a new password, that account will be logged into Looker.

The admin power pack also has the ability to add alternate login for users:


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