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How do I give a contractor or limited user access to only one folder or dashboard?

  • 6 April 2021
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Last Tested: Jul 10, 2020

  1. In order to view a dashboard, the user must have access to the folder that it's in. So first, you'd want to create a folder that contains only what you'd like the user to have access to.
  2. Next in order to view content on the dashboard, the user needs permissions to the models that the looks/tiles are built from. They can be given permission to the model by including that model in a model set that is in a role assigned to them.
  3. Additionally, the role's permission set must include the following permissions: access_data, see_looks, see_user_dashboards. Make sure they do not have permissions which would allow them to explore since that is a model specific permission and can expose the whole model to this user.

Note that this user will probably still have access to most folders since by default, Looker allows the "All Users" group access to all User and shared folders. If we'd like to hide the folders themselves from the user as well, we'll need to do something similar to a closed system.

Here are some feature requests that would make this process easier:



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