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How can I use a filter to exclude dates?

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Last tested: Oct 7, 2019

The date options for a filter don't have one for "is not on the day". There is a feature request for that on our feedback system: Be able to filter for not a certain date (exclude a date).

We can use a custom filter with this syntax:

${orders.created_date} != date(2019,05,03)

another option is:

NOT matches_filter(${orders.created_date}, '2019/05/09')

and for dashboards or users who can't use a custom filter there is a workaround to use this filter declaration:

filter: exclude_dates {

description: "enter dates to exclude in the format yyyy-mm-dd"

type: string

sql: NOT {%condition exclude_dates %} ${created_date} {% endcondition %} ;;



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