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How can I revert changes I pushed to production?

  • 6 April 2021
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Last Tested: Feb 21, 2021


Option 1: Advanced Deploy From Specific Commit 

If you are using a Looker version that supports Advanced Deploy mode, use this method!

Option 2: Manually rewrite LookML (“Anti-Commit” Method)

In many cases, when a commit has changed relatively little, it's probably easier to look at what changed and just change things back. That is, make a new commit that undoes the work of the bad commit. You can look at what's changed in the remote provider. For example, in Github, click on Commits and each commit individually to look at what's changed. Deletions are shown in red and additions are in green.  (If you have command line access, you can run a git log to show all commits and git show <SHA> to look at individual commit changes.)


Chat Pro Tip: We recommend committing frequently so that the amount of work in each commit is relatively small. This makes anti-committing, if necessary, much simpler, as you only need to redo small chunks of work.


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