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How can I enter multiple filters into Parameters?

  • 5 April 2021
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Last tested: May 2020


Parameters only accept a single value.

In the event that you have a comma separated list like a,b,c in your filter, the parameter syntax {% parameter filter_field %} will bring that in as a single string "a,b,c" .

Therefore, if you have multiple values, use templated filters instead.

Using a filter field rather than a parameter field, you can enter multiple values and then use templated filters to build the proper SQL. For example, using the LookML:
{% condition filter_field %} other_field {% endcondition %}
while entering a , b , and c into filter_field in the UI, would generate the SQL:
other_field IN (a,b,c)


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1 reply

thank you! this saved me a huge headache in getting this to work!