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How can an admin see what permissions an embed user has?

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Last tested: Dec 2020

  1. Click on the user in Admin > Users.
  2. Under “Roles” for that user, click the embedded role. You’ll see a popup with permission sets and model sets.

Another quick way to check this is via the browser’s Network console. For example:

  1. Open Network console. (For Chrome, this can be found under the three dots menu, then “More Tools > Developer Tools.)

  2. Run the page with the Embedded iframe.

  3. Filter Network responses for embed and click on that line. You're looking for the encoded URL like %2embed%2F....

  4. Click on Headers and scroll to the Query String Parameters section.

  5. Click view parsed (It may already be defaulted).

  6. You'll then see a section like:




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