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How are files sent to SFTP and S3 buckets named?

  • 7 May 2021
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Last tested: May 31, 2019

All file names look like scheduleName_timestamp_hash, where hash is a random 6-character identifier and the timestamp follows the pattern YYYY-MM-DDTHHMM (e.g. 2019-05-31T0933).

There is a feature request ticket to be able to customize the file name of files sent via schedules: Change file name for data sent in schedules


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1 reply

+1 to the feature request. Our team is looking for an option for Send/Schedule via SFTP that allows us to upload files without the six-character unique string. Data being delivered is one of our primary deliverables in the clinical data space, and several of our clients cannot accept this file naming convention. This renders us unable to configure automated data transfers for them, which causes frequent breaches in our SLAs.

Examples of some required formats:

  • filename_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.csv