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Google sheets action spinning forever

Last tested: Aug 19, 2020

If a user is clicking on the google sheets action in the scheduler modal and it spins forever, this could mean that they have a large amount of folders in their Google drive. The delay is from the action trying to get all of their folders in the Google Drive, so the best next steps would be for them to cut down the amount of folders they have in their Drive.

In case the user is unable to cut down the folders and ask a way to connect only to "My Drive". This is actually not possible within the Google Sheet actions. Because we fetch all the drive destinations and folders accessible via the account you auth in under.

So other than reducing the amount of folders in the Drive destination, they could try to create a custom action from our Google Sheet Code. The code for the google sheet action is available on the [repo]. They could clone it, edit the code to perform this only and deploy the action themselves as well. Here is more context about [Building a Custom Action]

It *could* be as much as commenting these lines:


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