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[Google Auth] How do I Merge Existing User Accounts when Making a Domain change?

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Last tested: Aug 6, 2020



You currently has Google Authentication enabled on you instance and is changing email domains. You also wants to merge existing users accounts with your new Google Authentication email when they log in to be able to access their content, etc.


  1. Update user addresses on your user accounts to reflect the updated email address with the new domain name
  2. Remove the old email address that was used as the Google Authentication credential by utilising the API Endpoint delete_google_auth_credential
  3. Login with Google Auth and the accounts will merge, under the new domain

Make sure that the Merge by Email option is checked in the Google Authentication page in the Admin Panel, and strongly encourage you to run through the above steps with a test user to ensure it is working as expected.

Google Authentication Doc ref


Note: A colleague made an extension to help with this:
Please note this is not officially supported resource - if you have a migration situation, please reach out filling an Issue in the git repo to get some help through it!


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