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Git refresh webhook

  • 30 April 2021
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Last tested: Jul 2, 2020


This webhook forces Looker to rescan and rebuild the referenced project, and will force changes from the filesystem to the Looker UI.

https://[hostname]/webhooks/projects/[project name]/refresh


Some users work with LookML files entirely outside of the IDE, or copy files from one Looker instance to another directly in the filesystem. Some use machine-generated models that they distribute to their Looker instance over a script. This puts local prod ahead of remote prod. Looker doesn't constantly scan the models directory for changes - if you make a change in a directory with Looker (by editing a file, or a doing a git operation for example), then Looker automatically rebuilds the models in that directory. But if you make a change in a directory that Looker is not aware of (for instance, a new project), then Looker will not notice it and won't rebuild.


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