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Git Error: "There was an internal server error while trying to commit."

  • 25 June 2021
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Last tested: Sep 2020


This is Git's generic error message; it doesn't tell us anything by itself.


Steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Make sure the Git user has write permissions to the Git repository (outside of Looker).
  2. Reset the Git connection in Looker and hard refresh the page.
  3. Run the Git Connection Test to get more details.
  4. Look at the Looker logs at the exact time that the error occurred; they will have a better error message. If your Looker deployment is hosted by Looker, please open a Looker support request so we can check into your logs for you. (Be sure to let us know exactly the timestamp when the error occurred. It may help to refresh your page to get the error to appear again in order to get an accurate timestamp.)



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