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Git Connection Attempt Times Out

  • 5 April 2021
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Last Tested: Oct 27, 2020


The Git Connection Test should be your first test when a Git connection goes wrong.

At Anytime

If the connection seems to be timing out, if you host your own Looker instance, there is most likely a network layer between your Looker and Git service. Check if you have proxies or load balancers in front of your Looker instance that may have short timeouts or are not allowing traffic out to the Git server.

If you are connecting with SSH, you can test SSH'ing to you git service from the command line of the Looker server. Here is your SSH URL. You might need to include the path to the deploy key as in the second command.

ssh -v
ssh -v -i ~/file/to/deploy_key

Setting up via SSH Deploy Keys

If you are using GitHub Enterprise, SSH authentication may be blocked. You can test if port 22 (SSH) allows incoming traffic using the following process from GitHub.


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